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TOEIC Short Conversation

TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

The TOEIC short conversation section includes ten short conservations and with each one there are three different questions. There is an eight second pause between the different conservation.TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

Some TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

Make sure you mark your answer as soon as the conversation is completed.

If you feel like you have enough time previewing the questions not bad idea as it gives you an idea what the conversation will be about.

Analyze the different answer options while you are listening to the conversation. By doing so, you can eliminate the obvious wrong answers right away.

The different types of questions you can expect from the TOEIC conversation section.

Overview Questions

These questions require you to have an overall understanding of the dialogs that you are listening to. Expect questions like where? who? what? The answers for these types of questions are usually not directly in the conversation.  You have to listen to the vocabulary tied to the question.

Detail Questions

The questions will focus on specific facts of the conversation.  It’s imperative that you still comprehend the big picture of the conversation. Expect questions like when why and where.

Inference Questions

Inference questions means that you have to make your own conclusions based on the information you have received trough listening to the conservation. Expect questions like what does the person mean? What is probably the case about?

That’s was it for today with our TOEIC short conversation tips, remember to check out our TOEIC exercises.

TOEIC Vocabulary

TOEIC Vocabulary

There are several ways you can improve your TOEIC vocabulary before taking the TOEIC test. Memorize new words with its definitions is the obvious one. However it’s important to learn in what context the new words you learn can be used.  TOEIC Vocabulary

Another way to improve your vocabulary is to simply read a lot. It could be anything from newspapers to books. By varying your reading topics you will broaden your vocabulary. Stop and look up unfamiliar words immediately instead of just jumping over to next sentence.

Use the dictionary at to find the definitions of unknown words. Use our flash cards to learn useful words for the TOEIC test.  By improving your TOEIC vocabulary you increase your chances of getting a good test score. You also improve your overall English language, vocabulary is the hear of mastering any language.

An aspect that easily is forgotten when learning new words is to use your new vocabulary in your everyday life. Also remember not to complicate things, learn words that are useful and practical for you to learn. Keep it simple is a great motto.

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TOEIC Listening Tips

6 TOEIC Listening Tips

The TOEIC listening section is part of the TOEIC Listening & Reading test. The Listening section of TOEIC exam rates your ability to understand spoken English in business settings.

There are three listening skills you should focus on improving prior taking the test.

  • Basic listening comprehension skills, be able to follow conversation, lectures etc
  • Pragmatic listening skills, the ability to understand the big picture you just heard
  • To connect and information presented from different sources to a logical conclusion

Here are some TOEIC listening tips and tricks that could be useful.

TOEIC Listening Tips

Listen for the overall point of the conversation. The main idea will give you understanding of what the conversation/lecture is about. Once you understand the big picture you can focus on smaller details.

Be aware of the tone and attitude of the speaker however it is important not get distracted by accents or delivery, those are superficial factors. Focus on the facts.TOEIC Listening Tips

It’s always a good idea to work on improving your vocabulary, by improving your vocabulary, you actually are practicing for all the sections of the exam as well as improving your overall English skills.  Using our flash cards is a great way to increase your word bank.

The easiest way to improve your listening comprehension is to watch movies or shows in English. The more you practice listening, the more your listening comprehension will improve. What you could after watching a movie is to write a paragraph about it and what it was about.

Get familiar with the exam, by taking practice tests and working on TOEIC simulation you will be less stressed when taking the exam. Start practicing for the TOEIC practice with our practice platform.

And finally, our last TOEIC listening tips: if you don’t know the answer, guess.


TOEIC Test Format

TOEIC Test Format

This week’s blog post will cover the TOEIC test format and what you can expect from the exam.

TOEIC Listening & Reading

The TOEIC Listening & Reading test is organized with the following sections:

 Section I: TOEIC Listening

Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what they have heard (100 items total, 45 minutes).TOEIC Test Format




Short Talks

Section II: TOEIC Reading

Test takers read a variety of materials at their own pace (100 items total, 75 minutes).

Incomplete Sentences

Error Recognition or Text Completion

Reading Comprehension

Additional 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

TOEIC Speaking & Writing

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is organized with the following sections:

Section III: TOEIC Speaking

The speaking test consists of a total of 11 tasks with an time limit of 20 minutes. The score scale is between 0-200.

Section IIII: TOEIC Writing

You will be asked to answer 8 questions with a time limit of approximately 60 minutes. The score scale is between 0-200.

The TOEIC test format was recently updated to better measure the test takers English proficiency.

To learn more about the exam or to take practice exercises based on TOEIC test format, sign up for our TOEIC practice package. Next blog post will be covering the listening section.

TOEIC Reading Tips

8 TOEIC Reading Tips

Listed below is 8 TOEIC Reading tips to help you prepare for the TOEIC reading section. Remember that there is no better practice for the reading section than to actually read English text and analyzing it.

Get used to it: Familiarize yourself with the basic structure of the passages.TOEIC Reading Tips

Take notes: While completing your initial reading of the passage make brief notes on each paragraph.

Be aware of infer meaning: Details will not always be presently open to you. Be prepared to use the present details combined with your own logic to figure out what the author is inferring and implying.

Read in English: Read English magazines, newspapers, blogs, and books. Anything that is interesting to you will help you improve your English language skills. The internet provides us with a ton of material, so read about your interests in English.

Notice Details: Develop the ability to skim quickly and identify major points. Notice dates, places, peoples name and etc when reading newspapers or blogs.

Learn to skim: After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the main idea, major points, and important facts.

Improve your Vocabulary: Choose some unfamiliar words in the passage and guess the meaning from the context (surrounding the sentences). Then, look them up to determine their meaning.

Inference: Practice making inferences and drawing conclusions based on what is implied in the passage as a whole.

Like stated before there is no TOEIC reading tips or trick that can replace being prepared by reading a ton of English articles before taking the exam.

We hope the TOEIC reading tips was of value to you and subscribe to our blog to learn more about the TOEIC test.

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