TOEIC Exercises

Take some of these TOEIC exercises to prepare for the exam. These exercises are based on the TOEIC test They focus on practicing and improving skills that will be crucial when you take the exam. We will continuously update this list of free TOEIC exercises.

TOEIC Listening Exercises: Work on your English listening skills. Take practice tests and exercises to test your listening comprehension ability.

TOEIC Reading Exercises: Practice your reading comprehension. These exercises are designed to improve your understanding of written information. How good is your reading comprehension skills, take a quiz to find out.

TOEIC Speaking Exercises: Speak, listen and repeat. Work on your pronunciation and speaking skills. Answer questions based on the TOEIC exam.

TOEIC Writing Exercises: Improve your writing skills by writing an essay on questions based on the TOEIC.

TOEIC Guide: Download this short TOEIC guide that takes you through all the different sections of the TOEIC exam as well as give you tips and strategies to rock the TOEIC test.
Download TOEIC Guide

To get access to over hundreds of TOEIC exercises, quizzes, practice tests and a complete TOEIC guide book get the TOEIC practice package. By studying beforehand you increase the chances of getting a score that you are happy with. So get started today!

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