TOEIC Short Conversation

TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

The TOEIC short conversation section includes ten short conservations and with each one there are three different questions. There is an eight second pause between the different conservation.TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

Some TOEIC Short Conversation Tips

Make sure you mark your answer as soon as the conversation is completed.

If you feel like you have enough time previewing the questions not bad idea as it gives you an idea what the conversation will be about.

Analyze the different answer options while you are listening to the conversation. By doing so, you can eliminate the obvious wrong answers right away.

The different types of questions you can expect from the TOEIC conversation section.

Overview Questions

These questions require you to have an overall understanding of the dialogs that you are listening to. Expect questions like where? who? what? The answers for these types of questions are usually not directly in the conversation.  You have to listen to the vocabulary tied to the question.

Detail Questions

The questions will focus on specific facts of the conversation.  It’s imperative that you still comprehend the big picture of the conversation. Expect questions like when why and where.

Inference Questions

Inference questions means that you have to make your own conclusions based on the information you have received trough listening to the conservation. Expect questions like what does the person mean? What is probably the case about?

That’s was it for today with our TOEIC short conversation tips, remember to check out our TOEIC exercises.

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