TOEIC Test Format

TOEIC Test Format

This week’s blog post will cover the TOEIC test format and what you can expect from the exam.

TOEIC Listening & Reading

The TOEIC Listening & Reading test is organized with the following sections:

 Section I: TOEIC Listening

Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what they have heard (100 items total, 45 minutes).TOEIC Test Format




Short Talks

Section II: TOEIC Reading

Test takers read a variety of materials at their own pace (100 items total, 75 minutes).

Incomplete Sentences

Error Recognition or Text Completion

Reading Comprehension

Additional 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

TOEIC Speaking & Writing

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing test is organized with the following sections:

Section III: TOEIC Speaking

The speaking test consists of a total of 11 tasks with an time limit of 20 minutes. The score scale is between 0-200.

Section IIII: TOEIC Writing

You will be asked to answer 8 questions with a time limit of approximately 60 minutes. The score scale is between 0-200.

The TOEIC test format was recently updated to better measure the test takers English proficiency.

To learn more about the exam or to take practice exercises based on TOEIC test format, sign up for our TOEIC practice package. Next blog post will be covering the listening section.

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