This simple TOEIC book guide takes you through all the different sections of the TOEIC test. It includes information on the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test as well as the TOEIC Speaking and Writing test. The TOEIC book guide also contains several tips and strategies that will be useful for your preparation.

The TOEIC book is a compilation of posts from teachers, tutors, and international students from our blog. It also contain excerpts and samples from our full TOEIC Prep Book which is part of our practice package.

The guide is divided into six different sections: introduction, listening section, reading section, speaking section, writing section, and TOEIC tips and strategies. The comprehensive material in this TOEIC book presents an overview of the test, it explains the scoring method for the different sections, and allows you to become more familiar with the test.

The Guide works excellent as introductory material to the TOEIC exam. It’s main objective is to explain on what to expect from the test and what is expected from you to achieve a high score.

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