TOEIC Reading Tips

8 TOEIC Reading Tips

Listed below is 8 TOEIC Reading tips to help you prepare for the TOEIC reading section. Remember that there is no better practice for the reading section than to actually read English text and analyzing it.

Get used to it: Familiarize yourself with the basic structure of the passages.TOEIC Reading Tips

Take notes: While completing your initial reading of the passage make brief notes on each paragraph.

Be aware of infer meaning: Details will not always be presently open to you. Be prepared to use the present details combined with your own logic to figure out what the author is inferring and implying.

Read in English: Read English magazines, newspapers, blogs, and books. Anything that is interesting to you will help you improve your English language skills. The internet provides us with a ton of material, so read about your interests in English.

Notice Details: Develop the ability to skim quickly and identify major points. Notice dates, places, peoples name and etc when reading newspapers or blogs.

Learn to skim: After skimming a passage, read it again more carefully and write down the main idea, major points, and important facts.

Improve your Vocabulary: Choose some unfamiliar words in the passage and guess the meaning from the context (surrounding the sentences). Then, look them up to determine their meaning.

Inference: Practice making inferences and drawing conclusions based on what is implied in the passage as a whole.

Like stated before there is no TOEIC reading tips or trick that can replace being prepared by reading a ton of English articles before taking the exam.

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