TOEIC Listening Tips

6 TOEIC Listening Tips

The TOEIC listening section is part of the TOEIC Listening & Reading test. The Listening section of TOEIC exam rates your ability to understand spoken English in business settings.

There are three listening skills you should focus on improving prior taking the test.

  • Basic listening comprehension skills, be able to follow conversation, lectures etc
  • Pragmatic listening skills, the ability to understand the big picture you just heard
  • To connect and information presented from different sources to a logical conclusion

Here are some TOEIC listening tips and tricks that could be useful.

TOEIC Listening Tips

Listen for the overall point of the conversation. The main idea will give you understanding of what the conversation/lecture is about. Once you understand the big picture you can focus on smaller details.

Be aware of the tone and attitude of the speaker however it is important not get distracted by accents or delivery, those are superficial factors. Focus on the facts.TOEIC Listening Tips

It’s always a good idea to work on improving your vocabulary, by improving your vocabulary, you actually are practicing for all the sections of the exam as well as improving your overall English skills.  Using our flash cards is a great way to increase your word bank.

The easiest way to improve your listening comprehension is to watch movies or shows in English. The more you practice listening, the more your listening comprehension will improve. What you could after watching a movie is to write a paragraph about it and what it was about.

Get familiar with the exam, by taking practice tests and working on TOEIC simulation you will be less stressed when taking the exam. Start practicing for the TOEIC practice with our practice platform.

And finally, our last TOEIC listening tips: if you don’t know the answer, guess.


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